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Alliances and partnerships are being established to strengthen our presence in all areas we choose to compete in.

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The objective is to make Web World more competitive on  pan continental projects where uniformity, consistency and speed are prerequisites. And at the same time maximize profit for our partners while retaining our integrity and goodwill.Garsett.jpg (94331 bytes)

(Right) CEO of Web World O.J Ogundipe with Garsett Larosse Chairman of Ecotopia Belgium at a meeting in Port Harcourt.

About Ecotopia

"Our society is plagued by many sorrows. Many problems result from the alienation of man from nature, from other human being and...himself. We exploit the natural resources, we most part of the world population, and still we feel unsatisfied and suffer from stress. It is time for a renaissance in which the deeper values of man and the world in which he lives are restored.

Since 1950 the world population has doubled. In the year 2030, more than 10 billion people will inhabit the earth. We cannot enjoy the same consumption patterns without putting to risk the future of our children and life in general. The ecosystems are reaching their limits and can no longer support vital economic activities. Ecotopia therefore promotes a sustainable ,harmonious lifestyle, with a sustainable economic system as its engine."

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Web World is proud to be associated with Ecotopia Belgium www.ecotopia.be to promote the eco-system and propagate a sustainable economic system.





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At the International Internet Conference. With Mike Jensen of South Africa and G. Massari of Danelec Ltd.








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Last modified: March 25, 2000