art1.jpg (10472 bytes)African Paintings in context have evolved over the years with various art forms and western influence on contemporary young African artists. In a quest to discover the African heritage in the midst of western civilization, Obi Amaka has used a collection of dull Grey colors on canvass while drawing inspiration from natures essence and village settings. An occasional splash of shouting colors adds more spice to the taste.

art2.jpg (11716 bytes)HERITAGE

Kept for ages, a pattern always followed continuously or otherwise a destiny inherited from my forefathers. Like a procession of ants looking for God knows what.




VIRGINITYart3.jpg (11404 bytes)

Defined by all, known by few, very proud yet unsatisfied. I love to know but I am afraid to discover what lies beyond. Every being must experience this stage of innocence.




art4.jpg (11099 bytes)DESTINY

Very controversial nature, not words shaped by your own hands, mostly unknowingly. Whether changeable or unchangeable, "alluta continua"




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